Suicide has been found to increase with the use of Zoloft suicide is a tragic and extremely serious side effect of the supposed-to-be antidepressant drug, Zoloft.The requirement from the FDA came after statistical data was released from two independent studies on Zoloft that backed up the heightened suicidal ideation and suicidal behavior in patients under 25, especially children and teenagers. ZoloftClaims.org is sponsored by DeisgnBroker inc your source for Sarasota Brick Pavers.

The Numbers:

Considered separately, Zoloft was found to increase suicidal ideation in patients by 37% to 50% depending on the analysis method used. There are about 30,000 suicides in the US alone every year. These are statistics obtained from the US surgeon general. Therefore, having a drug adding to these numbers is a heavy matter.

Is the FDA Aware?

Recent reports have shown that taking antidepressants such as Zoloft
may lead to an increase in suicidal thoughts or actions in both children
and adults. The FDA has strongly recommended that anyone prescribed
antidepressants should be closely monitored by their physician for unusual
mood changes, change in behavior or increased suicidal ideation especially
when Zoloft is first prescribed or the level of dosage is changed.The FDA
also ordered the manufacturers of antidepressants to include a "black box
warning" on the drug labels, alerting users of the drugs of the possible link
between antidepressants and child suicide.

Sports such as the Florida Baseball Academy assists many at risk teenagers.

SSRI Prescriptions Found to Enhance Suicidal Behaviors:


Risperdal is one of the most commonly prescribed anti-psychotic drugs. It is especially common
among those who are covered by the Medicaid insurance program. This drug has been improperly
marketed and also used for unapproved uses. If a man or a young boy currently on the Risperdal
medication has suddenly started developing breasts, Gynecomastia, it’s because the drug has
disturbed the normal level of a hormone in the body. The drug Risperdal is said to be the core
reason for hormonal imbalance. Risperdal makes a hormone secretion process so aggressive
that it makes the hormone go out of control and starts triggering uncomfortable side effects. In
this case, the drug targets the prolactin hormone. This hormone is known to control sex drive in
males and help in sustaining breast feeding in females. Many of the Risperdal lawsuit claims
have already been filed by teenagers who developed lactating breasts. This is just one of
the numerous legal battles that Janssen Pharmaceuticals has to deal with on account of
Risperdal Side Effects. Coping with something so personal on the inside and having it show on the outside
can be very distressing and this paired with the extreme shift in hormones could possibly
cause these men to contemplate and even actually commit suicide.

The Numbers:

Middle-aged men who take Risperdal are 69 percent more likely to develop larger breasts (gynecomastia) than men who are not taking antipsychotic drugs, according to a new Risperdal and Gynecomastia study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology on August 6, 2014.

Breast reduction surgery can cost anywhere from $3,000-$4,000. This is the medical advice given to these men that are diagnosed with Gynecomastia from their doctors due to them taking Risperdal.

Risperdal Lawsuits are thought to range between 100,000-600,000.

Is the FDA Aware?

This is an antipsychotic drug, and at the time, the FDA had only approved Risperdal for use as an antipsychotic. The company knew this and proceeded to market it for other uses regardless. Risperdal is also prescribed for the management of autism, depression, anxiety, dementia in the elderly and attention deficit disorder in children. However, the FDA has only approved the drug for schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and acute mania. The U.S. Government has alleged the manufacturer tried to unethically promote the drug despite not getting any approval from the FDA.

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Effexor is most commonly used as an anti-depressant. Effexor
works by regulating levels of stress hormones which enable
the brain to detect pain; and subsequently cause bad moods.
For this reason, it has been found to help patients suffering
from a wide spectrum of stress conditions, including migraines
and generalized anxiety disorders. When taken in the first
trimester of pregnancy, there are heightened chances of
having a baby who has potentially life- threatening conditions.

The Numbers:

​ Recent studies have raised eyebrows over Effexor’s side effects although the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved it anyway. Recent research has shown that women who were using Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) in their 1st trimester of the pregnancy have a 40% greater risk of bearing malformed babies. They also have a 60% higher risk of having babies with heart defects.

​Is the FDA Aware?
​ There are different grades for drug safety, which are assigned to specific medications by the FDA. Effexor was given Grade C. This is a grade given to pharmaceutical products which have been PROVEN to harm lab animal babies, if the mothers are administered high doses of the product, during pregnancy. This implies that FDA knows that it causes risk to the unborn if used during pregnancy.

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Apart from type 2 diabetes, patients taking the drug may also have to suffer complications like kidney failure and liver problems. It is also very common for claimants to be suffering from Rhabdomyolysis, which is a serious condition that affects the muscles, causing weakness. In many cases this issue can lead to renal failure and if this condition remains untreated, it could very quickly result in the inability to care for oneself. These health problems are very serious and also very costly to maintain. Due to lack funds for proper medical care and serious physical side effects, suicide is left for many of them as the last option.

Lipitor Lawsuit settlements are thought to range between

The Numbers:
In particular, death rates for middle-aged men have increased since 2000 from 21.3 to 29.2 in 2010, more than women in the same age group. The rising rate of suicide in middle-aged men, and the fact that older men continue to have the highest rate of suicide, points to the need for more suicide prevention efforts. It is common knowledge that men feel responsible for their families and when they are no longer able to maintain that role and  need taken care of themselves, rather than turn to their families for help, the tend to take their own lives instead.

​Is the FDA Aware?
The FDA has been in the limelight for some time after their approval of defective drugs and leniency on manufacturers. The Ranbaxy history for instance is not encouraging yet the FDA went ahead and approved their sale of the generic version of Pfizer’s Lipitor drug. In February 2011, a warning was issued by the FDA on the potential risk of Lipitor developing adverse skeletal muscle side effects in patients.The US Food and Drug Administration are responsible for approving Lipitor onto the market. In February 2012, Pfizer was directed by the FDA to update its Lipitor label and include a black box that would provide detailed information regarding the Diabetes type II side effect associated with the use of the drug.

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